File an MIT Section 9.8 Complaint Against an Employee

This website is exclusively for an MIT community member to access the form to file an MIT Policies & Procedures, Section 9.8, Complaint when they believe a current MIT employee--an MIT faculty member, researcher, staff member, or postdoctoral scholar (researcher or fellow)--has violated one of the Section 9.8 Conduct Policies listed below. 

Anyone seeking to report a possible violation of a Section 9.8 Conduct Policy, i.e. bring it to the attention of the Institute, may make a report, including an anonymous report, online and seek additional information about their options. Making a report of a violation of an MIT Conduct Policy is not the same as filing a Section 9.8 Complaint, and can be done anonymously. Please click here to learn more about reporting to MIT. 

MIT Section 9.8 Conduct Policies

The Section 9.8 Conduct Policies are:

Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment

Other Inappropriate Behavior

  • Section 9.0: Relations and Responsibilities Within the MIT Community
  • Section 9.2: Personal Conduct and Responsibilities Towards Students and Employees
  • Section 9.5: Harassment (not based on protected class)
  • Section 9.6: Violence Against Community Members (not based on protected class)
  • Section 9.7: Retaliation (not based on protected class)

Before You Begin:

Before completing the form, please: 

  1. ​Closely review Section 9.8 and the listed Conduct Policies;
  2. Closely review the Section 9.8 FAQs
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office (IDHR) for matters involving discrimination or discriminatory harassment or with MIT Human Resources or your local human resources office for all other inapropriate conduct. 

Submit a Section 9.8 Complaint:

Please click here to access the online form to file a Section 9.8 Complaint.

Your completed Section 9.8 Complaint will be submitted to IDHR and MIT HR

If you have any questions about the Section 9.8 Complaint form, please email